Ebook and Technical Writing

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We do eBook writing on a number of subjects (except of course illegal stuff in the lines of Bomb-making for Dummies) including recipe books (just because they are very in-demand).

Anything you can think of can be a topic for an eBook, from DIY, recipe compilations, How-To's, what-is-this-new-technology-about, previews, pamphlets, media kits, and short stories, novels or poetry. (How-to's and compilations of stuff that requires an extensive amount of research are something that we specialize in.)

LGO offers best SEO services in the Philippines and has writers experienced and skilled enough to handle both technical and copywriting while still knowing creative writing. We know how to engage readers and keep them glued to the pages. Let us know what we can do for you.


LGO's technical writers are all capable of translating complicated procedures, concepts, and jargons into a more comprehensible form (basically, we could translate stuff in English) for a general audience. But that's not to say we can't handle the usual technical documentation meant for expert readers. We totally can.

We have a highly-capable team of writers, all of whom are subject-matter experts (e.g. electronics, medicine, technology, manufacturing, etc.). This makes us confident in offering technical writing services on a wide range of specialized topics.

We're still undecided whether we will try our hand at term papers and book reports just because, you know, assignments should be done by students. But otherwise, we do all kinds of technical writing:
  • Reports
  • proposals
  • case studies
  • consumer guide and instruction manuals
  • documentation
  • specifications
  • marketing communication (B2B)
  • FAQs
  • troubleshooting or repair guides
  • learning materials
  • terms and conditions
  • disclaimers
  • white papers

Trade secrets are safe with us. NDAs are standard procedure for LGO.