Optimized Content Writing

Logicgateone Corp. 7 years ago 0

The heart and soul of any SEO campaign. This is where we put the most effort and time, in crafting proper articles, not spewing out rehash versions of the most viewed 'for dummies' or '101's that have been spun for countless times. LGO knows more than anyone how strict search engines (Google, et al) get these days when it comes to original content and spammy ones, you could easily get booted out of the top results if you get flagged for even just one lame article.

Ever since the Panda update of 2011, webmasters have scrambled to cope with the duplicate content plague as Google announced it will penalize websites sporting content that's not unique or have excessive number of keywords -- so stuffed with keywords that the article doesn't even make sense anymore.

Bookmarking is an important part of quality link building. It's the perfect way to save the links without having to store the bulky webpages themselves to access it easily next time (kinda like how you would bookmark pages of a physical book to mark where you left off). Online (or offline) bookmarking tools enables you to edit descriptions, like filenames, or add tags to make them easy to search (a strong factor for this to be added in SEO strategies). You can also share it to others and add comments or ratings to other's bookmarks.

For original quality pieces that does not necessarily required optimization, see our Articles service in Content Writing section.