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Traditional press releases require that you follow a certain format and distribute it to members of the media, with the publishing to be left at their discretion. Talking about the quality website design’s version of a press release, well, it works quite differently, but towards the same purpose of gaining favorable attention from the media or in this case, from everyone on the web.

We can make press releases and cover letters while sleeping so, no, resume and feature articles are not unfamiliar to us. We even do technical write-ups and ebooks on just about anything as one of our local and affordable web services in Subic Bay, Philippines. Or, you can have us rewrite those favorite pieces that unfortunately have been used before. (Don't worry, Copyscape won't even notice.)

Let's talk about how you want to communicate to the market with our best website designers and developers. Consult us now.


Contrary to popular belief, writing is not for everyone. It takes someone with a real knack for it in order to produce a clean and engaging piece. We have many of them in our team. Our writers are have been through a series of writing tests to prove their ability, versatility, and knowledge sets in several stages of screening.

Carefully crafted and backed with intensive research, the articles we write are both reader- and search engine-friendly.

LGO's writing team can work on pretty much any topic under the sun in the form of:

  • news
  • Q & A
  • fillers
  • DIY
  • feature stories
  • encyclopedia articles
  • evergreens
  • opinion and analysis

We would have loved to say that "in LGO, we churn out 20 original articles per minute due to a stellar team of writers". But that would be false advertisement ... and just plain dumb. We never pride in sacrificing quality over quantity. (Sorry, not a spam factory where you can order articles at the rate of one dollar a pop.) But if you need urgent pieces, we can get it to you as soon as humanly possible.

If you need optimized articles, check out Content Writing/Config under our SEO/Config services.

Oh, and by the way, we also accept requests for rewrite.