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For starters, optimizing your code makes it easier for search engines to find you. Clean codes are strong foundation for your website; everything is useless if the search engine can't even find your pages or load the website properly.

LogicGateOne Corp. a top SEO outsourcing company can standardize your coding so spiders will not get confused or ignore it and make sure your website is a browser-compatible to the big four (Firefox, Chrome, Explorer, Opera) and the others. We're also careful in rewriting URL into permalink that is readable (just to avoid different URLs pointing to the same webpage, because this could be seen as duplicate content).

Like hackers, there are black hat and white hat SEO. White hats follow legit guidelines and prioritize the benefit of the users -- no tricking the algorithm. LogicGateOne Corp. is the home of white-hat SEO strategies. . LogicGateOne can take care of things under the hood like HTML codes and site structure of the so-called quality website design, add relevant keywords on your sites metadata (could help you choose the best domain name, too). Let us help you with:

• error-free HTML code
• site architecture
• sitemap syntax
• robots meta tag
• load speed
• robots.txt syntax
• 301 redirects
• title tags
• invalid URLs
• unpaired or broken tags
• whitespace (yeah, that's an issue, too)

And whatever you do, please double check your code for typographical errors especially on titles, header, and descriptions. There's no Autocorrect for spiders.