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Social Media Campaign in the Philippines

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Undertaking Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in the Philippines has become a truly exciting experience especially with the presence of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, YouTube and Pinterest. Unfortunately, together with this exploding social cyber-structure available to almost anyone worldwide, comes the distracting phenomenon of spamming. And even these social networks are not free from this unwanted intrusion.

Logicgateone endeavours to create sensible web content as a policy, along with proper links and keywords. So, if you have a brand to promote, here are some steps from Logicgateone on how they can create an effective brand awareness online for you:

1.Reach people through their smartphones and tablets; so that wherever they are, you can create awareness of your brand and its features.
2.LGO creates a marketing strategy that does not look like plain advertising. How? Through the word-of-mouth method where people share their experiences in using your brand within their trusted social circle without you bringing it to them directly.
3.Provide a more personal interaction and experience among people who have the same interests and passions in life. We know how this goes: Birds in the same flock use the same brand!
4.Promote effective customer service through the social interaction among social networks participants. When people know how and where they can call for help in their needs regarding your brand, they feel more confident patronizing your brand.
5.Quality of content in any brand awareness campaign matters as much as the quality of the brand itself. If you are confident about your brand’s quality, LGO will help you enhance that quality through content that allows people to virtually sample your product online.
6.Produce product visibility through creating awareness and interest in the social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others. LGO can show you how.
7.Make the right connections in the social networks. Having so many connections or links is not enough; finding the right ones is what LGO can do for you.

Promo Advertisement Graphic Design and Layout

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LGO 1970's Christmas Party

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Let's go back in time this Christmas and do the groove of the 1970's greatest hits.

Fix your hair, jump on your suit and dance on the funky music.

Come and join us in our Christmas Party!

Software Development

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It's easier than ever to buy software or computer programs online the hard part is looking for the right one, perfect for your needs, and group besides, you don't really have to provide personal details and banking information to the web, where it could be exposed by God knows who we like to personalize everything, from __ to __ why should we buy commercialized software for our operations.

LGO offers custom-made.


Advertisement Graphic Design and Layout

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Brochure Concept, Design and Layout

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The Feast for New Life!

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Let us celebrate the festivity and holiday for the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Come and join us!

Top SEO services in Subic Bay, Philippines

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LogicGateOne Corp- More than SERPS.

Everyone keeps on hearing about this mysterious SEO that is supposed to be the lifeline of businesses on the web. What's it all about? Is this something that could magically transform your vid production into viral status overnight or maybe a black hat technique to keep your name on the first page of Google search results?

Marketing, that's what the fuss is all about. SEO is closely related to what businesses do irl as advertising and marketing, only it lives online. This is one of the strong factors behind websites ranking first on online searches -- a most coveted spot on the web. Say, you have this cozy restaurant in Cebu. Everything's cool, you even get a steady stream of customers every day from word-of-mouth advertisement of local patrons. However, having a presence on the web will propel this popularity into another level. Every time someone type "Cebu restaurant" or "good restaurant in Cebu" on a search engine, you will be there on the first page, among the top results.

The kicker is, All businesses want to be on the top results but search engines would want to have only the relevant websites on their search results. You could imagine just how this became a cat-and-mouse game that makes the whole thing progressively complex every day. (Search engines claim to tweak their search algorithm multiple times in a day!)

To increase your website's ranking and exposure in search results you have to obtain an understanding of how search engines work (or at least have an educated guess). Also, identify what search phrases people type in search engines. There are hundreds of various signals search engines claim to incorporate in their search and ranking codes -- most of which cannot, if at all known, be easily influenced.

Our SEO services are more of a one-way promotion, that is, we only keep in mind that we need to push a certain thing to the top of online search results for its keyword. Ergo, if there are bad publicity associated with your brand showing up as well, that's another story. To help manage that negative online rep you're getting, we have Online Reputation Management for that.

At LGO, everything we do is customized to every client we work with, which requires thorough consultation to ensure that we are on the same page and we understand your expected results. We usually advise clients to sign up for a complete SEO package, but if you really need help only in certain facets of SEO, we have detailed each of them for you.

From editing its written content, increasing inbound links, editing HTML codes to make it easier for search engines to index the website and testing keywords, LGO employs its tried-and-tested strategies in getting you to the top.


Search engine for the Deep Web

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The United States' Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is reportedly working on a search engine of sorts for the Deep Web in order to aid law enforcement against human trafficking.

DARPA's 3-year research program, dubbed as Memex, has been operating now for 6 months in coordination with 17 contractors and 8 partners. Carnegie Mellon was given a USD 3.6 million contract this year to partner with DARPA in the Memex project. And according to a research professor in its Robotics Institute, there is a huge potential in the program.

The term "Memex", which refers to Vannevar Bush's 1945 essay about a collective memory for humanity, is now going to be known as a tool for bypassing typical search processes in order to pinpoint users who create or spread illegal content in the deep web.

The mainstream webpages we can access through traditional methods compose what we call the Surface Web. Because of certain factors like ranking and advertising, results from leading search engines only account for around 10% of the Web. And according to some estimates, the Deep Web actually comprises 90% of the online world, with most of its content only accessible through Tor. The goal of Memex is to search through this Deep Web for signs of illegal activity.

The problem with the darknet is that the webpages in there are too fleeting -- content disappears even before authorities can check them. What Memex would do to solve this is to log the content and its source, then trace any personal information of the poster and map locations. This way, it will be easier to track online patterns that will aid law enforcement in uncovering illegal activities such as in the case of Silk Road.

Evidently, this won't be just useful in the field of law enforcement but can be also repurposed to be of use in the business sector and other fields like journalism.

DARPA program manager Chris White said in a post, "We're envisioning a new paradigm for search that would tailor indexed content, search results and interface tools to individual users and specific subject areas, and not the other way around. By inventing better methods for interacting with and sharing information, we want to improve search for everybody and individualize access to information."